Ready, steady, cook!

We have now grown our very first cauliflower! Our volunteer Cynthia works hard in the garden to grow lovely seasonal produce for our famous communal lunches. Along with the cauliflower are also some chillis and spanish borlotti peas.

Here at Art in the Park, we usually make lunches out of the available produce we get from the gardens. Very much like ready, steady, cook!  Cauliflowers, chillis and peas? Hm…we could make a lovely spiced cauliflower, onion, potato and coriander curry, ideal for the coming winter days. Can you think of anything else we could do with these?

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    • Ly Voong said:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for dropping by Art in the Park’s blog. The theme can be found on and is called Notepad. Subscribe to our blog for prompt notices on future updates.

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