Heart Garden: Plant Impressions

There was heavy rain today, evident by the pounding on our corrugated ‘skylight’ so we did not do as much gardening as we had hoped. We instead surveyed the beds to see what damage the recent snow and cold weather had caused. Everything seemed fine, the brassicas were ok.

Some jobs for us to do next week include pruning the dormant fruit trees and bushes.

In the studio, we took down the handmade Christmas decorations and made wall plaques from clay. The Heart Gardeners collected interesting plants and pressed them into clay  – we will fire them in the kiln after leaving them to dry out slowly. Similar to the sample ceramics we made previously.

  1. Sarah said:


    I am so loving these and would like to give it a go at home. What clay did you use and how long did you leave them to dry out and would it be possible to fire them in a convential home oven? and did you put any-glaze on? I live just down then road from you in Camberwell and have visited AitP before-love it! and love your blog!


    • Ly Voong said:

      Hi Sarah,

      I’m not too sure what clay was used as they are leftovers from a previous project of ours. We used the same for making ceramic samples last month which we left to dry covered and uncovered for a few days. Also, you can’t use a conventional oven to fire these up as the temperature would have to go pretty high up for it not to crack and to set properly. We have now fired last month’s samples but have yet to glaze them but once we do, we will have to fire them up again. We are currently working to bring a whole range of workshops and courses including ceramics so look forward to that! I’m glad you love the blog, it’s always nice to know people enjoy our content.

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