Heart Garden: Recycled Ladder Allotment

Watering can and plant pots

Image by dachalan via Flickr

Friday 25th February

We built a ladder allotment for our vertical gardening project. If you only have small balcony or outside space to rouse seedings or pot plants – a good light source is essential. Linda and Brian built a 4 tier ladder allotment for 4 seed trays out of recycled timber. This can be placed on a sheltered outside wall and covered over at night with fleece or bubble wrap.

The days are getting longer and some crops like our Cavolo Nero, kale and leeks are beginning to flower and set seed, so it was our last chance to harvest.

We also had a good crop of purple spouting broccoli and began sowing Brassicas again this month – these crops take a year to grow from seed to harvest.

It’s also the last chance to prune ornamental grasses, semi-woody shrubs like herbs and fruit-bushels like grape-vines as everything is now bursting into bud so we cleaned up the boxes in the rear yard ready for spring.

Cynthia sowed some hollyhocks into modules in the greenhouse. These are biennials, for we will have to wait until next year for them to flower!

  1. Ingrid said:

    As co-owner of The Ladder Allotment Company I was rather upset when we found this. We do not want OUR photos used. You said you built one yourselves but have used a photo which is of our Ladder Allotment and in our Garden which is not fair to people who read this. Please could you use your own photos. We understand that people may want to built their own Ladder Allotment for personal use. We just don’t want to encourage a false impression.

    Best Wishes
    Ingrid Winter

    • Hello Ingrid,

      Many apologies for this mistake, the picture was used as reference material and should have been stated as so. I have now taken it off and again, very sorry for any implication of taking credit for the image.

      Kind Regards,
      Ly Voong

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