Simon says…sponsor me in the London Marathon!

We are proud to announce that two runners will run for Art in the Park in the 2011 London Marathon! We’re also lucky to have with us two male runners by the name of Simon! I usually don’t believe in superstitions and coincidences but this has got to be a good omen. We have now registered ourselves on Virgin Money Giving and hope that you can support us by sponsoring Simon (I won’t say which one, it is up to you!).

Simon Gough

I am a 39 year old who lives in Somerset with my wife and two children. I run a small, marketing business, Redfront, and specialise in working with creative and cultural organisations.

I’ve been running, off and on, for about ten years although the last race I ran was only 10k. Having said that, a marathon is only about four times the length so it can’t be that hard…can it?

I’m recording the experience of preparing for my first ever marathon at and am delighted to be suffering for the benefit of Art in the Park.

Sponsor me on Virgin Money Giving

Simon Maddrell

I am a 33 year old living in Islington. I work as a Head of Research for a London based Market Research company.  I have always enjoyed running and use it to relax or just distress. However saying that I never really thought about running a marathon. The training was going to be too demanding. But over the past couple of years I have been competing in Olympic distance triathlons so signed up for Art in the Park and the London marathon full of confidence.

Unfortunately my fears were right, training is tough! It’s the pain and recovery time that got me first. But after a couple of months of training it all seems to be coming into place, fingers crossed. Now it is getting a bit easier I have to say it is becoming fun and totally looking forward to the event.
Sponsor me on Virgin Money Giving

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