Natural Hay Fever Remedy

A bee covered in pollen grains on a Dahlia flo...

Bee pollinating a flower

The sun is out, birds are chirping, a light wind breezes by… *aaachhooo! *rubs eyes…damn hay fever!

Spring is slowly but surely upon us but so is the start of the hay fever season! Those who suffer from it (like me) will know how frustrating and annoying it is and those who suffer from it badly (like me) will already have started feeling the effects of it!

There are many ways people choose to combat this annoying condition, be it tablets (one a day), nose spray (if it’s already blocked, how does that work??), vaseline (yes, around the nostril area) or sunglasses (keeps away the pollen from irritating your eyes). However, I find that while tablets work very well, they aren’t necessarily good for the body in the long run. What your body needs is a way to naturally build up immunity to this seasonal problem. This is where my natural hay fever remedy comes in handy!

Just so you know, I found this recipe online years ago and can’t remember who gave it but do remember it was a female on some obscure forum somewhere. I’ve tried this and it really does help.

Hay Fever Remedy


  • Bee Pollen – what better way to get your body used to the pollen than by ingesting it?
  • Echinacea tincture – plant extract used to increase the activity of your immune system by simulating white blood cells which attack illnesses and infection
  • Lemon juice – good source of vitamin C, natural antioxidant
  • Natural honey – because the bees make it so it’s another way to immunize yourself
  • Water – so you can swallow the remedy!

The bee pollen and Echinacea tincture can be purchased at any natural health outlets.

How to:

(Follow instructions on the bottle for the amount of bee pollen and Echinacea tincture you put in)

  1. Mix 2 bee pollen tablets (crushed or whole), 15 drops of Echinacea tincture, some lemon juice, some honey and some water into a cup. Ideally it should be 1/4 of the cup so can be drank in one go.
  2. Do this everyday and usually best to start early in the season to really build up your immunity.

Hope you have found this useful and do let us know your thoughts and comments on this!

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