Monthly Archives: January 2012

You may remember that back in October Art in the Park took part in the Flock Project as part of the Big Draw 2011. Well, this week we’ve had some more postcards fluttering through our letterbox!

After receiving some stunning postcards from all over the world and creating some of our own at an Art Extravaganza in October we sent all our postcards Northwards to the Outer Hebrides where they have been on display on the Isle of Saint Lewis. Now they’ve come to us, (along with some new ones!), to be displayed in our studio for the next few weeks. Afterwards, we will be sending them on in their flight across the globe until they come to roost in Uganda!

Aren’t they stunning? Pop in to the studio to take a better look!

In December we held our Annual General Meeting for 2011. It was a lovely evening with all the artists, trustees, volunteers, workers and gardeners which make Art in the Park such a wonderful place.

We had some very tasty homemade cakes and treats to enjoy at the AGM and plenty of mulled wine to keep us warm!!

It was nice to reflect on the work we had done last year, and very exciting to look towards what we will be getting up to in 2012.

So thank you to everyone for all their amazing work (and their cakes)!

It’s a new year and we have a new timetable of courses and workshops at Art in the Park!

Our talented and friendly artists are running a wide range of courses to suit any ability. If you want to get creative or learn a new skill in 2012 this is your chance! We will be running classes in woodworking, recycled fashion, pottery, mosaics, pewter casting and life drawing.

For more information about each course, dates and to book please click here!

It’s a few months late, but here it is, the diary entry for the 28th of October in the Heart Garden. Enjoy!

October 28th

Another lovely sunny gardening day although a bit soggy underfoot – temperatures are still unseasonably warm but at least we’ve had some rain this week as the soil was turning into dust.

The wisteria in the front of the studio was looking decidedly crisp due to lack of water – it’s in a pot so we gave it a good drink and mulch – it also needs careful pruning at this time of year to promote flowering buds.
(Tip for the birds – as well as remembering to put out food for them they also need water to drink and bathe in and for nest building in the spring so a bird bath is a good investment)

Its garlic planting time again – we like French Thermidour – a pink variety, try to plant garlic from good stock – a garden centre or on-line as these will be virus free and suitable for our climate. Garlic needs a long growing season and a cold spell to make the cloves divide into heads – which is why last winter made such a good crop! Plant in rows 4”(10cm) apart and 1 “(3cm) deep  and cover with soil – we can expect to be harvesting these in May or June.

We also planted some red onions – Red Baron,sets not seeds (these are small onions which swell.)Plant these in a shallow drill with their tips just showing above the soil. If you like shallots these also divide– a bit like garlic –but above the ground -so you get about 5 shallots from 1 bulb and you need a bit more growing space. We netted both of these crops at soil level –to protect against cats,mice and birds !

That’s almost the last of our gardening tasks for the year – we still have a bit of pruning to do in the garden – the apple tree,grapevine and roses need a good trim to promote flowers and fruit. Still we will have plenty of winter veg to harvest – leeks,purple sprouting broccoli,curly kale and swiss chard – to keep us interested. In the meantime we can sow broad beans and sweet peas in toilet rolls in the greenhouse ready to get a headstart when we plant them out next spring.