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Another week and another list of things to fill it with!

Our 2012 timetable of courses and workshops continues this week. Mondays are woodcarving with the artist Bill Hudson – visit the studio to learn about woodcarving and make your own works of art. If you’re already an expert, feel free to come down to use the studio and our equipment. Thursday is pottery with Leyla Folwell (have you seen her inspiration post?). Classes run in the afternoon for children and in the evening for adults – beginners and advanced. And this Saturday is mosaics – create your own work of art, decorate a mirror or photo frame, make a beautiful splash-back for your kitchen or bathroom or more..!

There are some interesting events and exhibitions opening this week in London which have caught my eye..

30 artists have taken over an empty shop in Wood Street Indoor Market to put on a series of 11 exhibitions over 12 weeks. The exhibition, Turnaround, enters its third week this week. See some art and have a look around the market, a great place for vintage furniture and arts and crafts.

A new exhibition, Weighted Words, opens at the Zabludowicz Collection this Thursday. Weighted Words is an exhibition of art works which explore the power of language, and the effect this can have on the viewer. Sounds very thought-provoking.

Have you ever wanted to see what your face looks like in another dimension? Have a three dimensional photo taken of your face at the Science Museum – learn more about how your face is constructed and help Great Ormond Street Hospital in their treatment of future patients. Find out more about Who Am I?

If you feel like getting crafty this week, how about making some cat shoes (that’s shoes that look like cats, not shoes for you cat..) So cute!

And isn’t this a clever way to display your photographs – as well as being quick and easy to do!

Whatever you get up to this week, have a great time. And if your up to anything exciting this week please share it with us!

In a new series of posts Art in the Park artists are going to be sharing some of the things which have been inspiring them recently and some of the sights and sounds getting them into a creative move. The first post of inspirations comes from our ceramicist Leyla Folwell.

I am seeing…… Must take this opportunity to say that TV is the ruination of society, throw it away – you will have better relationships.  TED talks are my favorite research media at the moment. Check this video out!

I am reading…… Eat,Pray,Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It s beautiful, reminded me of my time in India and it also reminded me to just ask the Universe for help instead of trying to do it all on your own.  It works you know ; )

I am visiting…… I saw Grayson Perry exhibition at the British Museum.  I really loved it, brilliant demonstration of what inspires and artist and how that can manifest.  I enjoyed his playfulness, a pleasant release…  I can be too intense about my topics for my work. 

Very excited about seeing Picasso and David Hockney!

I am thinking about….. The Sketchbook Project

My chosen theme is Time & Distance,  I am doing a journey from home on the 188 bus to the British Museum (a bit Perry inspired) it is studies of people and artifacts and photographic record of the roads.  It s an exploration of reincarnated souls I think….

I am cooking…… Oh, I am not really I am living off soup, Cynthia’s rice & peas and Berroca vitamins! – I am usually better than this but just need things to warm up a bit so I can feel inspired again.

I am hearing…… My brother had a sort out in my parents roof and gave me my old cassette tapes – when I am driving I am enjoying the Scorpions and Judas Priest!!!! – I was a rebel lol!! As I type I am listening to Cat Stevens…. (retired rebel)

I am making…… Andrea and I are making tiles for the Art in the Park bathroom.  I love working with other artists, it gets lonely working on your own all the time…. ahhhhhh………… he he ; ) tough life!

Oh it has been a lovely, sunny start to the week. Let’s hope it stays that way! Take advantage of the weather with another list of things to make and do over the next seven days.

Once again, we have a great selection of courses and workshops running throughout the week at Art in the Park. Tonight Bill Hudson will be teaching an introduction to woodcarving (or if you have already been introduced to woodcarving, come along to the workshop to use our space and equipment for your own projects). If you miss the class on Monday, Bill will be teaching woodwork this Saturday as well. Thursday afternoons and evenings are all about pottery! Leyla Folwell will be running pottery classes for both children and adults in the evening and afternoon. Find out more about all the courses and workshops running at Art in the Park over the coming weeks and months here.

Don’t forget Shrove Tuesday tomorrow! Why not celebrate by watching (or taking part in!) a traditional pancake race? For wherever you are, check out Time Out’s list of pancake races happening all over London. And how about getting creative with pancakes? Looks almost too good to eat.

It’s the last week to catch the Grayson Perry exhibition at the British Museum, a really playful and inspiring exhibit.

With the sun shining, what better time for a giant egg hunt around London! Solve a series of clues to discover over 200 ceramic eggs painted by artists and designs are displayed all around London. Sounds like great fun!

Get ready for spring with some hanging garden planters. Don’t they look lovely?

Whatever you do this week, have a lovely one. And enjoy the sun while it’s here!

Every Monday at Art in the Park people over fifty and living in SE17 come together to share and learn about each others’ cultures and traditions. The idea behind this project is to celebrate the main cultures that are represented in the residents of the Aylesbury Estate. Previously we have explored Europe and the Caribbean.

Monday 6th February was the culmination of our third corner, West Africa. We held a very lively lunch party with West African food made by members of the group, an exhibition of some of their work and West African music and dancing.

As well as learning which countries are considered to be in ‘West Africa’ we learnt about the art and food. Two members of our group, Mary and Fola are both from Nigeria, and taught us a lot about the culture of Nigeria . They showed great pride in their culture and seemed to engage at a deeper level with the project as a result of this celebration. Another member of our group, Bola, made some delicious jollof rice for our lunch!

The grandchildren of one of our group, Mary, really added to the atmosphere with their wonderful dancing and by playing instruments for us all. Mary can be seen above in very colourful West African costume, which she put on specially for the event.

The group worked on lino-printing, the suggestion of Tina Davis who has been volunteering and working with the group for two months. It was the nearest equivalent we could get to the beautiful wood and clay carvings that are the signature style of West African art.

It was a great event, and all the group made very strong art works and also cooked some delicious and healthy West African food.

4 Corners continues each Monday, and the next corner of the world we will be exploring will be British art!

This post will be the first of a new series called Things to Make and Do  – inspiring places to go and exhibitions to visit over the next week as well as crafty projects and workshops to keep you busy! If you have any more suggestions, please add them to the comments at the end.

So……what are you doing this week?

We have lots on a Art in the Park over the next seven days. Our 2012 timetable of workshops continues this week. Pop in on Monday for woodcarving with Bill Hudson, or start a two day woodworking course on Saturday. Thursdays is pottery with Leyla Folwell, open to beginners or advanced potters! Leyla will also be running a bowl or plate making and decorating workshop on Saturday. Get creative this week!

There are some great exhibitions on in London this week.

A new David Shrigely exhibition is running at the Hayward and Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the Tate Modern has just opened.

If you haven’t seen it yet you must check out the Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum – running until the 11th of March 2012. So many stunning and breathtaking photographs of animals and the natural world.

Taking Flight by Paul Goldstein

It’s half term this week so here are some great crafty projects to do with children – (or still great to do without children!)

Make some friendship bracelets!

Oh, what a pretty way to make words and letters out of yarn.

Yarn Love by Bloesem Kids

And it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! – get in the mood for love with some crafty, hearty projects.

Make a a quick and easy heart banner to decorate the house. A great way to use up old paint samples.

Update an old jumper with some pretty heart patches!

Heart Elbow Patch by

Whatever you do this week have a lovely time!