Things to Make and Do

Oh it has been a lovely, sunny start to the week. Let’s hope it stays that way! Take advantage of the weather with another list of things to make and do over the next seven days.

Once again, we have a great selection of courses and workshops running throughout the week at Art in the Park. Tonight Bill Hudson will be teaching an introduction to woodcarving (or if you have already been introduced to woodcarving, come along to the workshop to use our space and equipment for your own projects). If you miss the class on Monday, Bill will be teaching woodwork this Saturday as well. Thursday afternoons and evenings are all about pottery! Leyla Folwell will be running pottery classes for both children and adults in the evening and afternoon. Find out more about all the courses and workshops running at Art in the Park over the coming weeks and months here.

Don’t forget Shrove Tuesday tomorrow! Why not celebrate by watching (or taking part in!) a traditional pancake race? For wherever you are, check out Time Out’s list of pancake races happening all over London. And how about getting creative with pancakes? Looks almost too good to eat.

It’s the last week to catch the Grayson Perry exhibition at the British Museum, a really playful and inspiring exhibit.

With the sun shining, what better time for a giant egg hunt around London! Solve a series of clues to discover over 200 ceramic eggs painted by artists and designs are displayed all around London. Sounds like great fun!

Get ready for spring with some hanging garden planters. Don’t they look lovely?

Whatever you do this week, have a lovely one. And enjoy the sun while it’s here!

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