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Friday 24th June

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, though I’m sure it won’t take as long to go through as reading would. Here are some splendid shots of last week’s Heart Garden, activities that day included harvesting, a healthy lunch with fruits and vegetables from the garden and an art session on ceramic tiles.

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We’ve recently found another ceramicist to use our kiln room for well…making all things ceramic. In response to a current project, our new ceramicist Mario has put together a series of small sessions for Art in the Park staff and artists to make some sample ceramics for it.

Using leftover clay from previous projects (nothing goes to waste here!), the first session involved molding the clay into the desired shapes. Before firing them up in the kiln, they have to be left out to slowly dry. To do this, we have alternated between covering them up in cling film and leaving them out in the open. More updates when it comes!

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