Snowhouse in Burgess Park!

Here’s something to cheer those who may having the winter blues, all of which are most likely snow-related. To those who haven’t got the blues, well…you’ll enjoy it even more seeing as you’re still perky during this ‘big freeze.’

Art in the Park had a pleasant surprise this morning when we saw a young man, the name of Taro Mckinson building (though already completed when we arrived) an igloo! When asked about how long it took to craft such a cavernous and sturdy igloo, he replied with an surprising answer, stating he started working on it since 1 o’clock in the morning! Also, with no previous experience of building igloos, his first attempt at it is very not bad! This metre and half (roughly, I did not measure) igloo sits nearby Chumleigh Cafe and the Children’s Playground in Burgess Park.

When told that Southwark Council would have to take down the igloo (for health and safety reasons), he smiled and said ‘It doesn’t matter, it’s just for fun.’ Unphased by this piece of news, he continues to build his next piece, a snowman using a bucket and spade.We will continue to monitor his progress and hopefully have some pictures of this later.

For those venturing out today to the Cafe, playground or if you are just passing through Burgess Park, be sure to check out (and take some pictures with you posing next to it obviously) before it’s gone! If our elderly volunteer Brian can have a snowfight against 3-4 children, then you certainly can enjoy the snow while it’s here. If you have any stories about snow, we’d love to hear about it!

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